Student Team

Tatyana Gubin

Bina Bansinath


Bina Bansinath is a junior studying biomedical engineering with an interest in prosthetic devices. She researches with the Laboratory of Neural Engineering and Control studying the mechanisms of somatosensory encoding with applications for brain-computer interfaces. She hopes to attend medical school in the future.

Khalil Ramadi

Jacob Nye


Jacob Nye is a junior studying Biomedical Engineering with a focus in neuroengineering. Jacob currently works in the Zuker lab at the Columbia University medical center as a research assistant. Jacob loves BMES.

Christopher Lee

Bryan Louie

Presidential Advisor

Bryan is a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. He has been on the BMES board since 2014. Bryan currently works in the Rabadan Lab at the Columbia University Medical Center conducting research in cancer genomics. Additionally, he is involved in St. Jude Up 'til Dawn and the CU Jazz Ensemble.

Kristie Chung

Andrew Tieu

Presidential Advisor

Andrew is a junior specializing in bio-imaging and plans on attending medical school after completing his undergraduate degree. He currently works in the Ultrasound Elasticity Imaging Laboratory at the Columbia University Medical Center. In his free time, he enjoys drawing and playing the piano.

Winter Guerra

Lizzette Delgadillo

Team Member

Lizzette Delgadillo is a Senior and Student Life Committee Co-Chair for BMES! She hopes to attend medical school after graduating Columbia to pursue her passions in public health. In her free time, she likes to dance to all types of music, explore the city's many quirky places, and eat delicious food.

Nancy Hung

Stephanie Rager

Design Lead

Stephanie is a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Psychology. When she is not busy obsessing over fluffy creatures or spending far too long on physics lab write-ups, Stephanie can be found leading discussions about current issues in biomedicine as Co-chair of AMSA's Bioethics Committee, giving tours as a member of the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, or teaching violin to elementary school students at PS145 through Columbia's chapter of Musical Mentors.

Katerina Mantzavinou

Svetlana Badasarov

Logistics Head

Svetlana is a senior majoring in biomedical engineering. Currently, she works at the Neural Engineering and Control Lab and is interested in medical device development with applications in neurology.

Bryan Ranger

Srinidhi Bharadwaj

Design Lead

Srinidhi is a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a potential minor in Electrical Engineering. She is currently working in the Hillman Lab, and her interests include imaging, optical systems, and novel engineering techniques. Along with BMES, Srinidhi is a part of the Columbia Clefhangers, the Columbia Bach Society, and ActiveMinds. In her free time, Srinidhi enjoys calligraphy and her panini press, Bella.

Alex Revelos

Samuel Castro

Team Member

Samuel Castro, Class of 2019, is currently working in the Danino Lab and focuses in the areas of synthetic biology and cancer therapeutics. He hopes to find biomedical solutions for health issues in nations around the world. As an LA native, he likes to go hiking, go to the beach, and go to Broadway shows. Samuel loves BME!

Joao Ribas

Anthony Chesebro

Tech Lead

Anthony Chesebro is a junior in BME department, with a specialty in neuroscience. Other than BME, he loves computer science, mathematics, and the Philolexian Society.

Jackie Shen

Kevin Le

Branding Lead

Kevin Le is a first-year at Columbia University who helped with the HealthHacks sponsorship team. In high school, he founded an annual high school hackathon called LexHack. On campus, Kevin is involved in Engineers Without Borders, Design for America, the Columbia Space Initiative, and the Columbia Urban Experience program.

Nalini Singh

Diana Lu

Team Member

Diana Lu is a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a potential minor in Electrical Engineering. She is involved with the Biomedical Engineering Society and the Women's Ultimate Frisbee team, and she gives campus tours with the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee. In her free time, Diana enjoys exploring the city, watching Broadway shows with friends, and spending all of her money on bubble tea.

Kirsten Nelson

Walker Magrath

Team Member

Walker is a sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in history. Walker currently works in the Guo Bone Bioengineering Lab where he studies in vivo bone mechanosensation and osteoportic pathogenesis. Walker is also a member of the Charles Drew Premedical Society, Student Health Outreach, and the Columbia Bluegrass Ensemble. Walker's likes to run and spend time outdoors escaping Butler, but most of all loves BMES!

IBM Team

Molly Binder

Ching-Hua Chen

IBM Team Member

I lead an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, data scientists and medical researchers, whose goal is to develop and test technology-enabled approaches to studying health behavior and patient decision-making. We want to use technology to increase the speed, breadth and accuracy with which practitioners can identify interventions for health behavior modification.

Jessica de la Cuesta

Saad Ismail

IBM Team Member

Saad is a software engineer at IBM Research in New York. His expertise is in mobile iOS and has worked in various fields such as MDM, health care, drones, and more.

Smitha Gudapakkam

Tian Hao

IBM Team Member

Tian is a PhD in Computer Science, currently working on Stress Management in the Center for Computational Health at IBM Research. His research aims to leverage effortless and continuous sensing to arm the health management with precision - knowing "when to intervene" and "what to deliver."

Shwen Gwee

Xinxin (Katie) Zhu

IBM Team Member

Physician scientist lead of pervasive health, who brings diverse knowledge and experience across medicine, health program management, and medical informatics to precision wellness and digital health.

Hari Iyer

John Walicki

IBM Team Member

As a member of the Watson IoT Developer Advocate team, John Walicki teaches developers about the powerful Watson Cognitive APIs, IoT and Bluemix. He is passionate about helping developers build custom IoT and embedded Linux solutions for their industrial and educational use cases. John mentors at hackathons, leads workshops and speaks at conferences about the Internet of Things.

Ayesha Khalid

Michael Powell

IBM Team Member

Michael supports IBM's Higher Education, Government, Healthcare and Life Sciences clients in the NY area. A recent grad from Vanderbilt University, Michael has spent the last three years helping clients use IBM's Digital Innovation Platform (Bluemix) to sponsor innovation with services like Watson.

Jessie Lin

Michael J Torsiello

IBM Team Member

Michael supports IBM clients in the Northeast in the Public sector, primarily in Healthcare. He specializes in Bluemix and also focuses on DevOps solutions for clients. He is a contributing member to the DevOps community through events and presentations.

Ned McCague

Juan Lopez Gutierrez

IBM Team Member

Juan Lopez Gutierrez works for the IBM CHQ Human Resources Dept as a University Relations & Recruitment Program Manager for IBM. He manages relations & recruitment efforts at numerous schools across the East Coast of the US.

Dan McQueen

Kamala Iodice

IBM Team Member

Watson Solutions & Research - Recruitment & Communications IBM Watson and Cloud Platform.

Babak Movassaghi

Thomas Vandenberg

IBM Team Member

Current Project Manager in the Watson Consumer Health business pillar. Supporting many of the Blockchain in Healthcare & Life Sciences engagements such as FDA partnership and HIPAA enablement of BlockChain HyperLedger.

Aartik Sarma

Soroush Abbaspour

IBM Team Member

Program Director and Chief Of Staff, Innovations IBM Watson Health

Judy Wang

Keerthana Kumar

IBM Team Member

Software Test Specialist IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

Columbia Team

Babak Movassaghi

Jonathan Stark

Columbia Team Member

Jonathan has over ten years of professional experience working in higher education. As the Institute’s Director of Operations, he has oversight of the Institute’s financial management, human resources, and day-to-day operations. His expertise includes academic administration, student development and advising, conflict resolution, university admissions, event planning and management.

Aartik Sarma

Sharon Sputz

Columbia Team Member

Sharon has combined experience in business strategy and technical research. Prior to joining the Institute, Sharon spent 11 years at BAE Systems identifying and pursuing new business opportunities in leading edge technology. Her expertise is establishing long term customer relationships to grow and develop new business. Sharon is skilled in orchestrating research aligned to customer needs in order to promote the funding of new business.

Judy Wang

René Bastón

Columbia Team Member

René Bastón has over 20 years of experience in innovation, alliance building, public/private collaborations, entrepreneurship, technology transfer and commercialization. He spent years as a management consultant for systems integrator, Ernst & Young; has created a number of public/private partnerships; and has founded startups based on the transfer of university, NIH, and NIST technologies.

Kirsten Nelson

Itsik Pe'er

Columbia Team Member

I study, develop and apply novel computational methods in human genetics. How is it best to measure, describe and quantify differences between individual DNA sequences? How does sequence variation affect biological processes? How can we use it to understand and influence human disease? All these questions pose complex analytical challenges, with direct impact on medical research.

Aparna Sud

Noémie Elhadad

Columbia Team Member

My research interests are in natural language processing, with particular focus on text summarization and discourse-level structuring of information. I investigate ways in which clinical texts (these include scientific articles, medical textbooks, and patient notes) and health consumer texts (health news stories, educational health documents, and peer-patient forum posts) can be processed automatically to enhance access to relevant information for physicians, health researchers, and health consumers alike.

Special Thanks to Management

Allen Cheng

Shahram Ebadollahi

IBM Team Member

Vice President, Innovations & Chief Science Officer, IBM Watson Health Group IBM Watson Health.

Elliot Cohen

Ajay Royyuru

IBM Team Member

BM Fellow; VP, Healthcare & Life Sciences Research; Member AoT, Industry Academy IBM Research.

RJ Andrews

Jianying Hu

IBM Team Member

Senior Manager and Program Director, Center for Computational Health, Distinguished RSM IBM Research.

Kirsten Nelson

Michal Rosen-Zvi

IBM Team Member

Director, Health Informatics IBM Research.

Aparna Sud

Bryan Luxembourger

IBM Team Member

Recruiting Leader, GBS Digital Strategy & Interactive Experience (iX) Global Business Services.